A Time Traveler’s Guide to Managing Chaos

Dec 17, 2016 | Time Travel | 0 comments

When chaos comes to town, you’d best find a way to roll with it. Take yesterday, for example. An unexpected ice storm hit, and the aftermath plunged my daily routine into full-fledged Pandemonium. Local businesses had no power, school was canceled and evening plans all got jumbled up due to weather. I was in such a whirlwind getting ready for a 1920’s Great Gatsby-themed party that I didn’t even know it was cancelled until Jim and I were already dressed up and on our way! But Jim and I are time travelers, and any time traveler worth their salt knows that sometimes, one must improvise. So we decided to be spontaneous and go on an adventure instead of head back home. *I thought it fitting that the ensemble I created for the night was silver and sparkly – like the icicle-laden trees in the wintery wonderland around us.

icicle winter time traveler managing chaos

Actual trees during the 2016 Winter Ice Storm of my home area.

True as true can be, we had to put our thinkers together to figure out where to go dressed up in our Roaring 20’s getup – we couldn’t just waltz into any two-bit gin mill. Luckily we found this place in town that neither one of us had been to or heard of called Ambrosia. We almost passed it up – but something seemed intriguing about the outside. With a slight adjustment to my fascinator and a tip of Jim’s hat, we went inside – and it was like Time had been waiting for us and magic came to life.

ambrosia restaurant eugene oregon ambiance winter

As shocked as we were to find this hidden treasure, the people who served us were equally as dazzled to see us. With their big eyes they complimented our evening looks and told us how well we fit in with their restaurant – we were the real cat’s meow!

ambrosia restaurant eugene downtown atmosphere swanky

Of course we had to explore. It was like the whole place was frozen in time just as much as the weather was outside with all the vintage antiques surrounding us, and all their atmospheric décor. I loved how the servers and bartenders were all dressed period-appropriate, as well. It really set the mood.

winter time travel ambrosia bar eugene oregon

I believe the place had three floors, but we just saw the 2nd and 3rd. Not sure what’s on the 1st floor or if it was considered the basement. My favorite floor ended up being the 3rd floor, which was kind of a loft that overlooked the 2nd floor.

1920s flapper time travel ambrosia's in eugene oregon

Jim and I found we were only interested in dessert due to the late hour. Their selection was heavenly. Jim had crème brûlée and I had a chocolate tort.

ambrosia restaurant chocolate treat eugene oregon time travel

*Money Saving Tip: if you ever want to go to a ritzy restaurant for the experience but the menu prices are on the high end for your budget, make plans to go for dessert only. The cost is always going to be less than ordering a whole meal yet you still feel like you got out and did something special!

time travel restaurant Winter eugene oregon devine marie

*Tip: It’s been my experience that when the weather is not desirable, less people seem to go out. Which means less crowds, lots of seating choices, quicker service and even a good chance to have the whole place to yourself. Only advised if safety permits.

winter time travel romantic restaurant Oregon

So, Winter: you didn’t ruin our Time! Instead you made it even more exciting. Sometimes a little chaos keeps things interesting.

winter time travel flapper 20s restaurant romantic


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