FAQ's & Glossary

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance is recommended for a trip to be planned?

Excursions (day trip)- *1  week after payment and agreement signed

Expedition (weekend getaways)- *1 to 2 months after payment and agreement signed

Exploration (1 to 2 week vacations)-*2 to 3 months after payment and agreement signed

Of course, the sooner you start planning your trips the more options you will have and secure the trip will be, but no more than 12 months is needed for any trip. If the trip involves a popup FantaPortal then the client should plan around its date of availability since it may not be available all the time. Please sign up on our email list to get notifications of seasonal or limited time FantaPortals.

Are there family-friendly trips?

Yes, FantaPortals can be selected to make sure no above 18 or 21 age limits are involved. Children vary in what they are willing and able to engage with. All recommended destinations have been evaluated by FantaSeek for quality and for being immersive but it is up to the beholder to find joy in that experience for themselves.

Is Oregon the only state FantaSeek offers trip planning in?

Oregon currently has the largest amount of FantaPortals discovered since that is our starting point.  We have discovered FantaPortals in many other states as well throughout the years. FantaSeek will soon offer services to all 50 states in the USA. If you would like to aid in speeding up the process in getting our services in your area please consider joining our Royal Patrons family to learn all the ways you can help.

Do you do trip planning for people who travel with their pets?

We don’t want to limit any of our offerings based on pet friendliness. There are pet owners willing to still go to a destination even if they feel it’s not suitable for their pet and instead will find accommodations so they can go without them.  Of course, service animals can’t be excluded but owners should still consider that their pet could be exposed to loud sounds and strange environments that could interfere with their pet’s natural perceptions. All destinations will have their phone numbers listed in our itineraries to call if you would like to get more information for your pets.

Are there options to accommodate those who experience disabilities?

Please share with us if you have anyone in your group with a disability so we can give any insights that could be of help ahead of time. We want all our clients to feel like they can do as much as they want and we are willing to look into our recommendations deeper to ensure that.

Can I choose my Fanta Excursion Experiences or do they have to be selected for me?

Fanta Excursions are designed for quick one day trips so no hotel bookings are needed. Since there are no hotel bookings involved the service price is lower due to less time needed for planning. Typically all the planning is done at this service level using our email intake questionnaire. From your answers we create a mystifying trip just like entering a vortex (where you will be surprised where you will end up) in the region you selected.  Don’t worry, we will still give you hints on what to wear if you like to dress the part of where you are going. If you are interested in selecting places on your day trip instead of us doing it for you just note it on intake form so we are aware.

Do you offer haunted locations or experiences?

No, we don’t specialize with paranormal spirits or the dark arts in our trip planning. If a destination does reenactments of haunting like what is common during the Halloween season we do consider that an immersive fantasy experience due to the acting involved. We also can include haunted tours where guides do spooky storytelling.

Are there experiences that are sexually themed?

No, we don’t plan sexual fantasy experiences or places that offer full nudity such as nudist gatherings/strip clubs etc.

*This time frame is only do-able if the client is able to reply 2 days after we send out any response emails. If the replies back are longer than 2 days it will delay the trip planning process and we will not be liable for clients not being able to have their trip planned out for their goal date/dates.

FantaSeek’s® Word Glossary
For Interdimensional FantaTravelers

 Excursion: A service level offered exclusively by FantaSeek for day trips. It provides up to 8 hours of itinerary-planned activities. To offer a quality experience, a minimum of 4 hours, including drive time, is needed. A shorter time frame isn’t feasible with these types of adventures.

Expedition: A service level offered exclusively by FantaSeek for primarily short trips, like weekend getaways.

Exploration: A service level offered exclusively by FantaSeek for mostly longer trips, like vacations.

Fanta: A term (short for “Fantasy”) created by FantaSeek used to signify a fandom within the niche of fantasy aesthetics that are done in real life for ongoing lifestyle, entertainment, activities, services, wardrobe fashion/costumes, arts and cuisine that our business evaluates for our adventure planning service for the sole purpose of allowing fantasy to become a reality.

Fanta Adventure: Description of the name of a destination, experience, or activity that is evaluated by FantaSeek that fits in a themed fantasy adventure that can help members experience:

A Journey or Quest– We counsel on gaining passage to & maneuvering within different Time Eras, Story Realms, Fandom Realms, Holiday Lands, and Alternate Dimensions (figuratively speaking) effortlessly and at a pace of your liking.

Unusual Destinations– We show you a curated vault of “FantaPortals” revealed by region and contain the right magical setting for memorable moments.

Action that obtains reward– Whatever YOU make out of it! On completion, you can gain wisdom and new perceptions, release your inner kid with wonder and delight, escape the depths of blandness, interact with like-minded and spirited people, and have fun-filled moments with loved ones to help you feel MORE ALIVE!

Fanta Alternate Dimensions: A place, life form, art installation, or other thing that coexists in another reality that is cosmic, supernatural, or abstract that FantaSeek uses as a classification category for experiences that give participants a feel of the alien, unusual, or bizarre.

Fanta Holiday Lands:  Character/presenter, role-playing, interacting, and encouraging use of imagination and/or a place of enhancement to create a public holiday celebration of grand scale or on a smaller personal scale that FantaSeek uses as a classification category experiences that fully immerse the participants in the fantasy or historical side of holidays.


  • We don’t specialize in any religious/ spiritual/cultural-themed events in general.  Most of our offerings are based on the fantasy aspect of the tradition, for example, Santa Claus-themed Christmas events.
  • We also offer seasonal historical reenactments such as live Christmas nativity scenes, or historical celebrations, such as Juneteenth, that give insights back in time.


FantaPortal: A place, event, eatery, activity, or entertainment that offers themed Fanta experiences that are provided as either continuously open or seasonal destinations that FantaSeek has personally experienced (majority are) or thoroughly investigated if they are seasonal/ brand new for our Fanta Adventure services. This includes FantaSeek’s exclusive rating system for quality to help clients get the value out of an experience. Evaluated qualifications can consist of:

A licensed business or organization. (NOTE: We have no affiliation or representation with these.)

  • Fully immersive, allowing all senses to be used: sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.
  • Authenticity preserved, with presenters remaining in the character of fantasy/historical nature.
  • Interdimensional ethereal-like qualities that involve either historical era, fandom/story realm, public holiday celebration of grand scale, or alternate dimension to be physically in and explore.
  • High marks of hospitality.

Story Worlds:  Character/presenter, role-playing, interacting, and encouraging use of imagination and a place of enhancement to create a fairytale, folklore, or mythical in nature that FantaSeek uses as a classification category experiences that fully immerse the participants in a fantasy world.

Fandom Realms: Character/presenter, role-playing, interacting, and encouraging use of imagination and/or a place of enhancement to recreate moments, scenes, or the essence from a show/book/movie or game that FantaSeek uses as a classification category experience that fully immerses the participants in their fandom of interest.

Fanta Regions: Territories that FantaSeek has mapped out within each state to organize the area where clients would like to focus while having their adventures.

Fanta Time Travel: Character/presenter, role-playing, interacting, and encouraging use of imagination and/or experiences that are of a historical nature that FantaSeek uses as a classification category, allowing immersion into historical moments.

FantaVortex:  A service option done with Fantaseek’s Excursions, mainly where you are sent out to an unknown FantaPortal of mystery that was compiled from expressed interests given to us. The adventure will be somewhere new each time unless requests are made to do repeats.