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An Adventure Based on a True Story: YOURS!

FantaSeek® is a travel design service that curates fantasy-themed experiences for adventure seekers who want to avoid conventional travel agents or having to do countless hours themselves searching for experiences worth their wild.

This is ideal for those who want to avoid traveling as a tourist, where trips are focused on being a spectator of typical sightseeing and experiences. 

Our specialty is for those who see themselves as FantaTravlers, travelers who are cocreator participants who want to merge with different types of fantasy-like experiences to enhance ethos around them for the thrill of life!

We aren’t dependent on commissions or social media followers because our revenue is based on a service fee. This allows us not to leave out nonprofit organizations/small businesses and attractions not widely advertised – meaning making the unknown KNOWN to our clients!  With a promise to provide an honest, fair-minded approach to ensure the most incredible, unique offerings available. Please go to Travel Offerings for more details on how to get planning services started with us.

Below are the elements of fantasy we use to turn travel opportunities into real-life experiences:


We counsel on gaining passage to & maneuvering within different Time Eras, Story Worlds, Fandom Realms, Holiday Lands, and Alternate Dimensions (figuratively speaking) effortlessly and at a pace of your liking.

Unusual Destinations

A curated selection of “FantaPortals℠” is chosen to coincide with your preferences to match up with the proper magical setting for memorable moments to happen.


Whatever YOU make out of it! On completion, you can gain wisdom from fresh perspectives, release your inner kid with wonder and delight, escape mediocrity, meet new people without social media, and have fun-filled moments with loved ones. All to help you feel MORE ALIVE!

Fantastical Characters

There is no script required; there is only improv with these adventures. You are one of the main characters. Like your favorite heroes, you get to be your best version of yourself. For example, if your fandom revolves around Indiana Jones, you can live out archaeological-themed experiences. 

Just show up and let life happen. Relax with the peace of mind that FantaSeek PERSONALLY experienced or thoroughly investigated all our offerings to ensure they meet FantaSeek’s exclusive rating system to qualify as an authentic certified “FantaPortal” for your enjoyment.


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Hello! I’m so pleased you arrived on “time” at this cyber sanctuary for FantaTravlers. Beyond offering travel designing services here, I also made a hideaway of knowledge about living the Fanta Lifestyle in the Majesty of Fantasy Blog.  On my blog are my life experiences, shared to inspire others to recreate with their imaginations to add zeal to life. I discovered how fully immersive fantasized adventures have given me many opportunities to time travel, visit magical realms, and explore alternate dimensions in a figuratively speaking way. This is the only official platform I share from. Please stay in touch so you can be guided on how to enjoy these wonderments.


The designation Certified Travel Expert is awarded by Travel Beyond the Obvious after a rigorous set of assessment tests. Certified Travel Experts have demonstrated destination expertise, travel planning skill, and professionalism in their travel planning business, creating exceptional trips for travelers.

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