Enchanted Forest Ball

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In a magical land not too far away (aka Portland, Oregon), REAL Fairytale Portals are known to pop up – like this one did for the first time in March 2018. Lovely townsfolk gather to celebrate. The Time Travelers Costume Guild (TTCG) holds costume events, how-to costuming workshops, and themed parties in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, WA Metro area. Members are multi-genre cosplayers and customers who explore fantasy, historical, vintage and creative thrift shop costuming. Kindness and peace rule, and people are free to be who they want to be. Sir James and I enjoy these opportunities. Dreams are meant to be LIVED; so it’s my pleasure to tell you this grand tale.

enchanted forest ball Portland devine marie

What does one drink and eat while in a fairytale? Our eating habits are hearty,  And we seek whatever brings JOY and feeds the spirit. That’s what we nibble on. Then to drink Golden Poison Apple Ale and a mixture of hard ciders (this is only a 21 yrs old and older event: bring ID!) , coffee and tea. To keep this magical land eco-friendly, all guests receive a free glass mug keepsake that is refillable for beverages, and everything used for serving is recyclable or biodegradable.

enchanted forest ball drinks
enchanted forest ball portland buffet

The greatest part of adventuring to another realm is meeting new friends! 💖  I had to gravitate towards punky Alice, with her stylish Mad Hatter by her side. What glowing spirits to run into!

enchanted forest ball Portland Oregon decor

Why limit life to having soundtracks just in movies? Music should fill the atmosphere whenever possible. Even at home for me, it’s a must to have music playing throughout the day.  It gives inspiration, movement, emotional connection, and much more.  We so enjoyed the sound of live music that flowed the entire time we were there at the ball, as well as the other live entertainment offerings.

enchanted forest ball stage
enchanted forest ball portland musicians

The night was full of shining stars. I wanted to capture them all and keep them in jars Instead, I roamed around clicking pictures hoping that would be the way to keep them.

enchanted forest ball devine marie
enchanted forest ball characters devine marie

The true treasure were the fairytale guests themselves. I made my royal rounds to meet and greet as many as I could. This is a marvelous kingdom, and so much my tribe… the ones I crave to talk to, the bold and creative. I am quite proud that I didn’t allow my introversion to get in the way.

enchanted forest ball Portland cosplay couple devine marie
enchanted forest ball ladies

What a bunch! 😍 EVERY single person that I spoke with was absolutely delightful. The more I talked, the more I saw what we all had in common: the love of playful adventure, humor and endless dreams. Most who came designed and created their own unique looks.  So much inspiration. 

enchanted forest ball dinner
enchanted forest ball adventure

Lorien (the sweet Gnome in the below pictures) is the ring leader for a Portland group  Time Travelers Costume Guild which hosted this event. When I first heard of the idea of wanting to do a Fairytale-like Ball I QUICKLY had to get in contact with her for a suggested name to call the event.  Later, she let me know that name was chosen. The whole time I was there I couldn’t stop thinking this was meant to be. Tickets that year were $40 in advance or $35 for TTCG Members, which for all that included was a GOLDEN goose egg of a deal!

enchanted forest ball gnome

Love how the author of life likes to find ways to collide real life with storybook fairy tales for enjoyment!  The venue that the Enchanted Forest Ball was held at the Church of St. David of Wales Hall up in Portland. To me this was ideal! For the house of God is EXACTLY the right place for beautiful spirits to come together in play, especially one so welcoming to  LGBTQ folks and committed to equality!  The warm, heavenly presence filled the building. Love to ALL was the main sensation felt during this event. It’s a true blessing that I look forward to every year.

enchanted forest ball devine marie
enchanted forest ball animals cosplay


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