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About Devine Marie, Queen of Dreams

Travel Designer, Owner of FantaSeek®️

Devine Marie is a true 21st Century Quaintrelle by having a self-nature that fully embraces life with passion expressed in entertainment, recreation, leisure, travel, and cultivation of life. These qualities were the perfect match to pursue her desire to start the first fantasy-themed Travel Designing Service for adventure seekers.

This all started with her excitement for cosplay with Steampunk and fairytale characters.  Along with being a vintage fashionista, Devine Marie didn’t like the idea of “being all dressed up with nowhere to go.”  That motivated her to find a way to incorporate cosplay into adventures she could live out at actual places in her spare time with friends and family.

Later on, Devine Marie was inspired to create her business FantaSeek: “Fanta,” short for Fantasy, and “Seek” for those seeking adventure. This explains exactly what this service does, help adventure seekers explore FantaPortals, a word she came up with to categorize her evaluated destinations’ offerings into different fantasy-themed eras, realms, and dimensions that currently exist in reality throughout the United States. Devine Marie uses the expertise she has inquired through decades of personal travel experiences to bespoke truly enchanting experiences.

Since Devine Marie lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, most of the travel offerings are from that area. She dreams of traveling all over America to find more FantaPortals to provide designer trips to those who crave them no matter where they go!

Travel Beyond The Obvious- Silver Certification

The designation Certified Travel Expert is awarded by Travel Beyond the Obvious after a rigorous set of assessment tests. Certified Travel Experts have demonstrated destination expertise, travel planning skill, and professionalism in their travel planning business, creating exceptional trips for travelers.

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