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Planning that Magnifies the Fanta Adventure

Behold, the wondrous places that await your enjoyment!

Each Oregon region contains some or all of FantaSeeks®️ different FantaPortal℠ types. Here’s a sample visual showcase of the type of delights that are classified into our FantaPortal offerings.


Time Travel

Ever wonder what it would be like to visit an era from the past? Like 20s, 50s, or even the dark ages that you wish you could experience for once? Miss a decade you grew up in and want to relive it again? Have you ever wanted to be a part of an important historical event?  Well, there are very inventive ways we can help you out on that. No DeLoreans required! Just bring a playful attitude and be willing to interact with the culture so you can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the essence of that moment in time. It’s also a great way to dress up to show off your style of that time.  No past era is out of reach. We say explore them all!

Alternate Dimensions

Do multiverses exist? If we told you yes, would you be willing to meet another life form from a different reality? Go check out the cosmos to see what they do for art, entertainment and leisure? Willing to enter the blizzard, to set aside logic and give in to curiosity? For those who want to try out things not common in our world we know how to get you there.

Fandom Realms

Have you ever finished an epic book or movie that resonated with you so much that it left you feeling deeply connected to the characters, scenery, and storyline? Wish there was a way to bridge that void? Oh yes, there are ways to make that happen! Tell us your fandoms; we can match you up as closely as possible with places and experiences to soothe those carvings. Cosplaying while exploring these FantaPortals makes the soul soar to new levels!

Story Worlds

No longer does “Once upon a time” have to be for only fairytales, folklore, or mythical characters to experience.  Now, “Many, many chances upon endless time” can come true for you! Have you ever swam with Mermaids or become one yourself? Want to ride a unicorn, dance with fairies, or play hide and seek for BigFoot?  We know enchanted places where all these things can happen and much more.

Holiday Lands

Holidays bring out so much wonder.  They all have traditions, foods, and music that only occur during that season. It’s like being in a different land of its own. For those who savor the holiday ambiance, it’s thrilling to find places that do these festivities on an extravagant grand scale or – if it’s more to your liking – on a smaller scale to make it feel very personal. We pride ourselves on finding the popular celebrated American holidays and keeping close tabs on where all their FantaPortals dwell since they can pop up for a limited time.

Note: None of these photos are labeled on where their locations are for a reason.  Only those details will be revealed when the time is right! The most invigorating way to see these places is to allow yourself to be led, as if in a dream or a living movie. Let go of having to know how everything is going to play out by being open to interweaving a variety of FantaPortal types – we customize them already to your liking.

How to get a planned customized Fanta Adventure Trip:


Step 1: Select a Service Level for your Fanta Adventure then add to cart.

Step 2: Pay full price or a deposit, depending on service level chosen.

Step 3: Sign a service agreement sent by email.

Step 4: Receive link by email for Intake Planning Process

Step 5: An invite to schedule Live Video Session will be offered within the week of when your Fanta Adventure starts, if included in service level purchased.

After all steps are completed then full payment for Service Level will be collected, if it hasn’t been already. Lastly, your itinerary link will be sent with information about downloading the app for your mobile device.

Oregon FantaPortal Experiences available by regions:

fantaseek oregon regions map

Each Oregon region contains some or all of our different FantaPortal types. Please note that we try to plan fantasy adventures within the chosen regions  instead of just focusing on certain towns or cities to give a wider variety of offerings

Nine Regions with over a 100 FantaPortal Adventures (and growing), which consist of both continual and popup FantaPortals.

Northern Coast
Portland Metro
Columbia Gorge
North East Oregon
Willamette Valley
Central Oregon
Southern Coast
Southern Oregon
South Central/ South East Oregon

FantaSeekers download our free itinerary app (Android & iPhone)

All adventure planning service levels include a custom itinerary that will be accessible on your mobile device while you are on the go. You can manage travel details such as:

  • Lodging bookings
  • Dining reservation confirmation numbers
  • Digital tickets for booked experiences
  • Integrated navigation maps
  • Flight/Train passenger ticket confirmations numbers
  • Space to add own ideas or just have open time for lounging

All of this is also viewable with offline access! We want traveling to be exciting and eliminate last minute stress as much as possible.

Below is a sample itinerary for an Excursion Adventure day trip. This example shows the same layout that would be used for weekend and vacations, as well– but there would be additional days planned according to the FantaSeeker’s wants.

*Please note these sample experiences in the itinerary below may not be planned with up-to-date information. Using this plan as an actual adventure is not advised. Please contact us for a custom current adventure plan!

Live Video Session

Everyone who will be part of your travel party is invited to a live interactive video session led by a FantaNavigator in preparation for your upcoming adventure.  This gives us the opportunity to relate key elements towards a JOYFUL quest to be shared. Due to the enchanted nature of this gathering, the window of time to schedule this should be within the week of your adventurer’s journey which will be offered once the email planning intake has been completed.  This allows us to account for any changes to destinations, weather, and any immediate needs of the travelers.

* Participants must have a device with Zoom capabilities for this live video session. The use of a large screen, such as casting to a tv, is highly recommended.

fantaseek travel itinerary


$200 per day for Travel Designing with all service levels


$200 / 1 Day Trip

Fantaportals  3

Regions  1


$400 / 2 Day Weekend Trip

Fantaportals  6

Regions  2


$600 & Up/ Vacation

Fantaportals  12

Regions  3

All Service Levels Include
Adventure Travel Design for:






Relaxing/Lounging Opportunities

Itinerary with Maps & Navigation

Intake Planning by Email

Live Video Session

Transportation/Lodging details can be included with the itinerary

Fees are based on up to 6 participants, for larger groups contact us for pricing.
Non-Fanta Experiences can be added to adventures; these businesses are chosen by customer reviews and have not been evaluated by us.
No mixing of different service levels with planning session.
Transportation/Lodging arrangements to destinations are not booked or arranged.
Trip planning requires full payment unless doing The Exploration Service Level; a $100 deposit must be made first.
Cancelled or rescheduled trip payments and deposits are non-refundable but will be credited for future trip planning.